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Are you feeling stuck in your business?

Are you facing challenges but can't pinpoint the real issue?

Do you have too much on your plate to handle and not enough time?

I want to know-how

I want to know-how

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View How

View How

We help you start, improve, and scale your business by creating and implementing a roadmap to become more efficient and profitable

How We Can Help

We help you build a Business Plan to ensure that your business idea is viable and feasible. It will allow you to build a strong foundation to start and launch your business. We help you prepare and plan your business effectively & efficiently.

We also help you create and build your operating model to ensure that your business has a good structure and business processes in place.

We help you assess your current situation, identify the real problems, and create and implement with you a roadmap with actionable solutions. We also create with you an action plan with your short-term and long-term objectives and key results.

We also help you map your business processes (if not yet done), analyze, and improve them. It will allow you to reduce costs, delays, duplication, and errors.

We help you create and implement a Strategic Plan to ensure that you tackle the right opportunities and you fulfill your reason for being. We build with you an action plan with SMART goals. We also help you create and improve your funding model along with your services.

We help you review your current operating model and work with you on improving it.


“ If anyone is considering developing a business plan. Then Sarah who owns business challenges is your best pick in UAE.  I now for the first time feel like my business plan is clearly laid out path for me and my business. As soon as I began working with Sarah, things began taking form in my new business, I felt motivated,  & encouraged my business could work and be sustainable and that was all because of Sarah.

While working with Business challenges,  I was introduced to a company that wanted to begin doing business if I had not been doing my business plan at the same time. I don’t believe it would have happened to me. Sarah made me believe….my business was truly worth it and good enough. Not because she wanted to tell me what I wanted to hear, but she had done the research that it was a viable idea. 

Sarah did hours upon hours of research and told me exactly what I need and should focus on to get my business going in the right direction.  Now, I can easily reference my plan at any time in order to answer questions I may have when I’m dealing with interested companies. From detailed future projections, statistics, and why my company will be worth investing in. 


Thank you, Sarah,

It was an amazing experience working with You  ."

Natalie Taylor  / Founder of NAT's KYDs

“Working with Sarah has been an absolute pleasure. She took time to understand my business model, and my objectives did very thorough market research, and most importantly came up with so many ideas and insights. I love her professionalism, the attention to detail & most importantly the ease with which work happened. Would recommend Sarah to anyone looking for building a solid business plan."

Ruta Paranjape  / Founder of Ruta Paranjape Marketing

“Sarah's professionalism and mentorship have been an invaluable support through the process of establishing my company. She has helped me to navigate complex elements of the business plan with patience and care, encouraging me to see the full potential of my idea.

The process has focused me and grounded me in factual information, rather than just 'feelings' and 'hunches' and I do not think I would have reached this level of confidence without her help. I highly recommend working with Sarah if they're trying to bring ideas to life with tangible solutions. It's been a great experience!"

Hannah.P/ Founder of Public Assembly

" I would like to convey our appreciation to Business Challenges team, especially Sarah, who helped to maintain and develop our business during the tough times the pandemic brought us. With very little information provided from my side, Sarah managed to understand the specifics of the business, identify the “weak points” and offer helpful solutions, which were implemented straight away and brought the results instantly. I want to emphasize the fact that Sarah constantly followed up on our progress and supported us by providing feedback and useful suggestions. Thank you for the efficiency and professionalism!"

Valentyna Khmelnytska/Founder of Viktoria Fashion House

Our clients are our partners and we are honored to help them in their journey and thanks them for trusting us:
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