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Are you feeling stuck in your business?

Are you facing challenges but can't pinpoint the real issue?

Do you have too much on your plate to handle and not enough time?

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We help you assess your current situation and work with you to improve it, to become more efficient and profitable

How We Can Help

We help you build a Business Plan to ensure that your business idea is viable and feasible. It will allow you to build a strong foundation to start and launch your business. We help you prepare and plan your business effectively & efficiently.

We also help you create and build your operating model to ensure that your business has a good structure and business processes in place.

We help you assess your current situation, identify the real problems, and create and implement with you a roadmap with actionable solutions. We also create with you an action plan with your short-term and long-term objectives and key results.

We also help you map your business processes (if not yet done), analyze, and improve them. It will allow you to reduce costs, delays, duplication, and errors.

We help you create and implement a Strategic Plan to ensure that you tackle the right opportunities and you fulfill your reason for being. We build with you an action plan with SMART goals. We also help you create and improve your funding model along with your services.

We help you review your current operating model and work with you on improving it.

“Working with Sarah has been an absolute pleasure. She took time to understand my business model, my objectives, did very thorough market research, and most importantly came up with so many ideas and insights. I love her professionalism, the attention to detail & most importantly the ease with which work happened. Would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone looking for building a solid business plan."

Ruta Paranjape - Founder